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Upcoming Classes 2014/2015
Compare our Albuquerque Concealed Carry Class
NM DPS Approved Instructors

All range fees included.

FREE Handgun rental.

Notary service included

Qualify with up to 3 firearms

$113.97 + tax
Dear Responsible Armed Citizen,

Are you looking for a concealed carry class in Albuquerque? We provide NM DPS Approved concealed carry courses in Albuquerque and around the
state of New Mexico. When you take one of our classes you're assured that you are being taught by approved instructors using approved curriculum
that will help you navigate many of New Mexico's complex rules and policies.

We know that you have your reasons for wanting to obtain your New Mexico Concealed Carry Permit, and we aim to help you reach that goal as quickly,
easily as possible. This includes offering a great class at an even better price. For a limited time you get a concealed carry class, notary and the ability
to qualify with multiple firearms (semi auto, revolver, derringer) for only $113,97 + tax.

We welcome your questions or comments and look forward to seeing you at the range!


FMJ Firearms Training
Clear Sight Tactical, LLC
What do I do to qualify?

This is the most frequently asked
question that we receive. The course
of fire is simple, and easy for most
shooters with any experience. We use
a 11" wide by 17" tall piece of paper.
You shoot 15 rounds from 3 yards and
10 rounds at 7 yards. A 72% must be
obtained (minimum 18 hits) to receive
a passing score.
Testimonial of the Month

...Enjoyed the class and will be
recommending you to many of my

- Terry
Training Tip of the Month
Flash sight picture is acquired when
the front sight is anywhere in between
the rear sights. Use flash sight picture
at close distance when speed matters
DPS Instructor # 428/429
December 6th/7th

January 10th/11th
February 21st/22nd
March 14th/15th
April 11th/12th
May 16th/17th

June 13th/14th